When you are applying for immigration clearance in a foreign country, you will realize that many people make some common mistakes regularly. But the good thing is that the mistakes can be avoided. When one commits such mistakes either knowingly or unknowingly, they can have some serious ramifications at the end of the process. Either one will not be able to be united with their families again, or one can lose both the immigration and application fee, in the worst case scenario, one can be deported, and they will not be able to re-enter that country any time in the future. So one should be cautious so that they can avoid such mistakes.

Some of the common immigration mistakes

Providing incorrect information

er5yutfdsrWhen you are processing your immigration documents, it is fundamental that you provide the right information. From the moment that you start your application process, which is when you fill the forms to when you are completing the process that is when you are collecting your processed documents your information should be true and on point. It is advisable that you avoid completely misrepresenting any facts or giving any fraudulent information through the entire process. If it is found that at any given time you did give wrong information about you, then you may encounter some rough time.

Late or no response to the department of immigration queries

If the immigration department of that particular country needs any or some additional information so that they can process your immigration documents, it will most probably send a request for evidence to you as the concerned applicant. It is upon you to make sure that you reply to their queries with the sufficient and required documentation within the given timelines. Do not ignore or make a late submission of that information. This will not only lead to the cancellation of the entire process, but it can also be used as a basis to deny you your application.

Missing immigration interviews and court hearing

When you are on with your immigration processing, it is very important that you always attend the interviews and the court hearings that are set by the immigration department. If you ignore or miss some of the interviews, then you will be giving the department enough reason to reject your immigration application.

Filling your application without a fee

Immigration forms or documents in whichever country always attract processing fee. But you will also realize that some forms come with fee waivers. If you are not able to afford the fee, then it is advisable that you send the fee with a written request to be considered for a fee waiver. Ensure that you return your immigration forms with the application fee or a request for waiver, because if not your application will not be worked on.esrthfdgsfr

Sending your application to the wrong office

Ensure that you read the instructions that come with the application form carefully. Ensure that when you are sending your form, you send it to the address that is given in the application form. It is very important for you to send your application to the right address, as this will help you avoid delays that may be caused by the mail being sent back to you in case you got the address wrong.